Friday, January 30, 2015

minimal lighting, lots of lights: garden glow

Over Thanksgiving break, my parents invited me along with a group of their friends to go see Christmas lights at the Missouri Botanical Garden's Garden Glow

There's something about getting older and for some reason never having time to get psyched for Christmas like I used to. Driving around the best decorated neighborhoods to enjoy the glimmering lights, baking copious amounts of cookies and sweets (and eating majority of them while baking them), and a warm fireplace as a nightly occurrence. 

Year after year as things change, the strong memories of my childhood Christmases still remain. Sometimes it's simply the smell of pine trees that make my heart happy to reminisce.

It was lovely walking through the bitter air with a Bailey's and coffee in hand (thanks, dad) while enjoying the beauty of the spectrum of colors and lights throughout the garden.

After our visit to the Garden Glow, the group went out for food--holy cow, the portions of this place were HUGE. It was nice to catch up with friends of my parents, hearing their outlook and where they are in their lives. 


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