Thursday, January 15, 2015

catching up

Winter break has come and gone. Just kidding. It's still winter break, sheesh! The first two weeks were crazy, jam-packed busy, and the last two weeks were supposed to be for being a full-time friend and for working too.

 Week one of being free for scheduled busy-ness was a success, hanging out with Hannah in the bitter cold weather at Forest Park (and attempting to hide from the cold in the Saint Louis Art Museum, but unfortunately they are closed on Mondays...), meeting up with two of my great friends also in the performing arts and going ice skating (and learning from an older ice dancing couple how to do a friendship circle!), seeing friends from high school and catching up on all kinds of things, baking "ugly sweater" cookies (yes, there was a kit for that) with my roommate Emily, and had planned a coffee date with an old friend and salsa dancing until I got sick. It's been over a week now since I picked up this horrendous cold/flu thing and have been laying around the house ever since. Well, there goes the rest of my break.

 What's sad to me is, even while I was at home, I had no energy nor motivation to do anything productive. While I had all of this seemingly endless amount of time to workout, plan trips, finish up my belated Christmas gift giving, catching up on the blog, plan my big move to Chicago, clean the house or get my room in order, I rather laid on the couch and worked on my Netflix game.. Of course, I was sick, the sickest I've been in a very long time. So it was acceptable for me to do just that. But it's oh so very difficult for me to simply lay around and do nothing. 

I think now I am finally beginning to feel a bit better--I had a dentist appointment today, did a little shopping (a lot of shopping...then passed out on the couch in the evening watching Grand Budapest Hotel because the day took it out of me). After my massive nap, a nose spray to cleanse all of the congestion, and an ibuprofen to help out my headache, I do actually feel much better. Finally. So now I am doing a bit of playing catch up. With everything. But I felt without hitting the gym full blast again (bad idea), some journaling, reflecting, and writing up on the blog would give me a small sense of purpose after all of this laying around. Hey, it's a slow process. 

In my last few days in St. Louis before I depart back to school for my final semester (!!!), I figured I could plan out a few things to catch up on. For the blog in particular, I definitely have a "year in review" in the works..that of which I was supposed to post up closer the first of the year, but you know, I'll get around to it, as well as some posts from earlier in the winter that again, I just never got around to posting. All around, I'd love to get into more habits, both quantitatively and qualitatively, especially with blogging. Fingers crossed those habits get started! Looking forward to more posts of new adventures for a new year!

It just feels good to get back into writing again. That's all that a sick person needs currently to make her happy (at least this sick person). That, and getting out of the house! 

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