Saturday, January 24, 2015

expanding opportunity

Today's adventure: meeting up with my parents to go hiking!

My parents wanted to visit with me a bit before they depart on a trip to Cancun. As jealous as I am of their trip to somewhere warm (we're talking 80 degrees!), this midwest weather has been pleasantly warm as of late..for January at least. Of course we couldn't pass an opportunity to go hiking! Whenever we meet up while I am at school, we meet at a town in the middle of Cape and St. Louis, usually for dinner or some kind of meal. But there is only so much one can do in a tiny town that none of us know much about. As we were considering a winery (this town has many), my mom came across Pickle Springs Nature Area online and saw its rave reviews. Needless to say we went there and were not disappointed. The hike is a 2 mile loop, with a gorge, so many boulders, and waterfalls that had frozen from the cold. 

Afterward we ventured to the "downtown" area of St. Genevieve, Missouri and ate dinner at Anvil's. Over some of their deliciously famous onion rings, my parents and I conversed a bit about getting stuck in ruts and continuing to explore all that life has to offer. Dad talked about wanting to put together a stand-up act. If there's one thing to know about my dad, it's that he is an absolute quick-witted, funny guy that knows everybody. If he could remember what funny things came out of his mouth, he could easily put together an act. He also talked about getting back into drumming and playing with a band every so often. 

I think it's important to check in with yourself once in a while. What are your interests? What is it that you want to do that you haven't done? Why have you yet to do that said thing? I think before you know it, the days seem to blend together if you don't mix it up to distinguish between them. Forming habits, especially good ones, are great. But sometimes it gets to be so difficult to get out of habits, which can lead to not doing what you truly want to do. So do it. Do what you want to do. It's much easier said than done. Before you know it, years will pass. That's a bit scary to me. I don't think it has to be, though. Not if I follow my impulses and live in the now. I think that's what is important, the word "now". 

So on my drive back home, I thought about what opportunities can I make for myself. What more is there for me to take advantage of in this life, for my own life? If anything at least, I've learned today, spending time with loved ones and with nature fulfills my being. And when I'm feeling whole, my mind seems to be at a more open and creative state to examine and explore my opportunities. 

Tell me, what are some opportunities you want to make for yourself?

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