Wednesday, November 5, 2014

spaces and places and everything in between

As it seems to be pretty obvious, I've been going through a tough phase in my life on the thoughts of "where next?" I've been back and forth and back again on where I want to begin this new and exciting part of my life after graduation. And I still don't know. I think ultimately I've been thinking too hard about it all. Where the perfect place for me would be. 

Then I read this article. 

I don't have to find my perfect place right off the bat. As long as I go somewhere, anywhere. Especially if it's out of my comfort zone. 

I feel so energized after reading it, and slightly more at ease with the thought of where. Now I can think more about what exactly I am looking for first.

It's about trial and error. And experience. Why not move somewhere that I've always wanted to go but was never sure of it working? That's the only way I'll get to fully experience and find out if it would work or wouldn't work. And if it doesn't, what's so hard about up and moving somewhere else?

"You don’t know who you’ll meet, what you’ll find or how you’ll get there, but you will do it."

"New experiences are the reason we live. They are the reason we get up every day, the reason we carry on. While we enjoy comfort, we crave experience. The point of living is not to resign yourself to one part of life, but to continually redefine yourself."

Sunday, November 2, 2014

the beauty of change

This autumn has been the most beautiful I've seen in a while. 

Perhaps its all of the extraordinary colors in this small town surrounded by so many trees. Perhaps it's also combined with my maturing thoughts, my view on life currently and the future both near and far, and still being uncertain about much of it. Perhaps I'm becoming more self aware and narrowing away toward what matters most to me. 

The season of autumn is a time for change. That's why it's my favorite. That, and the colors. 

Change is always present. Little by little, things change. For me, I feel as though change is there for us to experience and to see how we deal with experience. And reflecting is super important to noticing change. Lately, I've noticed a lot of change in my thoughts, particularly. I feel suddenly much more knowledgable than I've ever felt, which makes sense considering this is the oldest I've ever been, of course. But I can learn more. Much more. And I want to. That is what excites me. To get to learn, everyday. And to meet new people. I feel as though I sound like a broken record when I say I am ready to live in a new city, a new atmosphere. However, I am content here also. I can appreciate it here. This autumn has been the most beautiful. And I can't decide whether it's because the colors are more abundant and vibrant than usual, or if I'm for once actually noticing and appreciating and emerging myself in it. I think it's the latter of the two. I am also appreciating little things and big things and change. 

On Halloween day, two of my soul sisters and I met up for a brief time to capture the beauty of this season. Surprisingly, this is the first time these two lovely ladies who both share such a sweet place in my life had met! I look forward to more adventures with people who share similar ideals, thoughts, and lifestyles. What a splendid day it was!